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Church Membership

At KBC, we believe that the Word of God creates the people of God. Moreover, if the Word-through the testimony of the prophets and the apostles (Eph 2:20)-is our foundation, then church membership is the cement that holds us all together. The Scriptures harmoniously point us toward church membership and its purposes to encourage, protect, and instruct us. We seek to carry out the vision of church membership through a four-step process:

  1. Communicate Interest—Simply communicate your intention to become a member by either filling out the form below, or by communicating with one of the elders. 

  2. *Membership Class—After step one, all prospective members must attend our membership class. The curriculum is composed of six separate classes that include the following topics:
    • History of Keystone Bible Church
    • Church Constitution
    • What is the Gospel?
    • Why Join a Church?
    • What is a Healthy Church?
    • What is a Healthy Church Member?
    • KBC Distinctives
    • Life as a Church 
  3. Membership Interview—Each prospective member will meet with an elder to provide basic biographical information, to recount their understanding of the gospel, and to testify of God’s saving work in his or her life. Upon satisfactory completion of the interview, the request for membership will be presented to the elders.
  4. Congregational Affirmation—During a worship service, one of the elders will present the candidates for membership. Questions are fielded, a vote will be taken, and with majority approval, the candidates will be admitted into membership.

*Membership class kicks off with a Saturday morning orientation, followed by Sundays classes at 11:15 AM in Odessa and at 8:30 AM in Wesley Chapel, periodically throughout the year. Upon completion, those who have attended all classes in the course are able, but not obligated, to sign up for the third step of the membership process, the membership interview.

Sign up to attend the next Membership Class by completing the form below: