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The Importance of Church Membership

We take church membership very seriously at Keystone, and for good reason.  We believe that the Scriptures harmoniously point us toward church membership and its purposes to encourage, protect, and instruct us.  Maybe that causes you to wonder:  Where does it teach that in the Bible?  Good question.  Here’s a good article that summarizes the New Testament teaching on membership.  The bottom line is this:  Church membership is the tangible way that an individual believer makes visible his/her commitment to Christ and His people and finds true accountability to follow Him in both word and action.

And, you should know that the Elders at Keystone take membership very seriously too.  It is the way that we, as leaders, define the body of believers, for whose soul-care we will one day give an account to the Lord (Hebrews 13:17).

If you have not joined Keystone Bible Church as a member, and would like to learn more about how to do so, we invite you to begin the four-step process outlined on this page and fill out the application form.

At Keystone, we periodically offer the Membership Class at different times throughout the year.  We need to know how many people to plan for so that we have adequate resources prepared.  Please register by filling out the application form if you intend to participate, or simply communicate with one of the pastors.

If this whole discussion of membership has got you thinking and you would like to learn more, here are a few more suggested resources:

  1. 5 Reasons You Need to Join a Church (article by Tim Challies)
  2. Membership Matters (sermon by Pastor Mark Dever)
  3. Twelve Reasons Why Membership Matters (9Marks Article by Jonathan Leeman)