John Tracy

Senior Lead Pastor

Seth Gulsby

Non-Vocational Pastor

Anthony DeRosse

Campus Lead Pastor, Wesley Chapel

Tim Betancourt

Vocational Pastor

Mike Garner

Non-Vocational Pastor

Mike Fisher

Non-Vocational Pastor

Ministry Staff:

Michael Acosta

Worship Leader/Admin Assistant, Odessa

Bekah Betancourt

Digital Marketing Specialist, Central

Rick Spain

Director of Facility Maintenance, Odessa

Michael & Rachel Brokaw

Janitorial Staff

Kim Tracy

Executive Assistant to Lead Pastor, Odessa

Odessa Deacons:

Ryan Dussault

Deacon of Security

Craig Lamberson

Deacon of Facilities

Jonathan Moody

Deacon of Hospitality

Justin Overbaugh

Deacon of Events

Zach Shelburne

Deacon of Care

Roger Stein

Deacon of Finance

Brian Wolf

Deacon of Missions

Wesley Chapel Deacons:

Adam Skwirsk

Deacon of Gatherings

Rob Aborizk

Deacon of Hospitality

Abdoul Soumahoro

Deacon of Care