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Gospel Partners

Keystone Bible Church is thankful to have several Gospel partners ministering in other parts of the world. Please scroll down to learn more about our missionaries.


Bill & Darla Ebert, Philippines

Bill grew up as a missionary kid on the island of Palawan in the Philippines. His father and mother worked to translate the Bible into the language of the tribal people. Later, the family moved to Manilla where a seminary was started to train the Philippine Christians in the Word of God. The goal for these students was to raise up national pastors and teachers who are equipped in rightly dividing God’s Word for their own people. Eventually, the Lord provided property on a hilltop outside the city of Manilla where the ministry is currently located. At that time, the ministry was appropriately renamed, “Hilltop Ministries.” Please be in prayer for the Eberts as they seek to advance the work of Christ in the Philippines.



Joseph & Sylvianne Ela, Cameroon

Joseph and Dr. Sylvianne Ela are part of the leadership team in Mfomakap, Cameroon. Joseph is the Director of Grace Bible Mission, Africa as well as the President of the Grace Bible Church fellowship. Sylvianne is the Doctor (MD) of the Christian Medical Clinic on campus.







Phil and Kristen Golson, South Africa

Phil and Kristen Golson serve with a church planting team in the Garden Route area of South Africa known as Knysna Hope.  They are actively involved in making disciples and training leaders through church planting, discipleship, life skills development and music education, youth camps, and radio ministry.






Travis & Emily Mitten, Honduras

Travis and Emily Mitten joined Bible Basics in 2005. They live with their family in Siguatepeque, Honduras in Central America. Travis is involved in teaching and training the leaders of local churches, who for various reasons are not able to attend a formal Bible institute or seminary. Generally, the biggest obstacle for these men to receive training is the fact that they have secular jobs and are not able to leave these jobs in order to take classes. Therefore, the Mittens have arranged their teaching ministry so that they can meet with small groups of men in various locations on a schedule which allows the men to keep working. The usual format is to meet with them once a week for three to four hours.

Travis uses a curriculum of ten courses developed in the late 1980’s called “Biblical Training Centre for Pastors” (BTCP). BTCP was designed specifically to meet the challenges of equipping local pastors and church leaders in developing nations. The ten courses require a combined 520 class hours to complete and are essentially equivalent to a Bible college degree. Each course is published as a bound book meaning that the men will be able to use the manuals as resources for years to come. It also means that the students themselves, upon completing the courses, will have in their hands the materials needed to train other men in their churches and communities. The Mittens desire to help start/strengthen a national movement of indigenous pastors establishing their own “training centers” throughout Honduras and Central America.


Jonathan & Janet Moore, Kenya

Janet and Jonathan both grew up in strong, Bible-centered churches and were saved as children. Jonathan received a degree in engineering, but during college the Lord had been stirring his heart for foreign missions. While working as a young engineer he prepared for mission work by studying at seminary and eventually received a Master of Divinity degree. During his time in seminary he had the opportunity to visit Kenya, East Africa four times, and the Lord placed a burden on his heart for the country.

The Moores will be ministering in the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobi is one of the world’s fastest growing cities, and it is considered a strategic hub for East Africa. Their work in Kenya concentrates on establishing indigenous churches and training the leadership of the churches. The work partners with experienced Kenyan missionaries and Kenyan nationals to develop indigenous, sustainable, and reproducible churches and seminary.


Damian and RuthAnn Pickett, England

Damian and RuthAnn met while teaching at a Christian school in Fort Lauderdale, FL and soon after they were married. The Picketts have always been in full time ministry involved in preaching, singing, evangelism, discipleship, school teaching, and Sunday school teaching. After a visit to his home country of the United Kingdom, and seeing the dearth of the Gospel there, Damian was burdened to become a missionary and return to England to preach and teach the Gospel.

Since arriving in 2004, the Picketts have planted one church and revived one other. The first church they planted, in 2004, is called Kingsmead Baptist Church in Hednesford, England. After 7 years, the church was turned over to a British national that was trained under Damian. In 2011, they came to a small, elderly church called Ebenezer Baptist Church in Manchester, England. Since coming to Ebenezer, the church has grown to over 70 people. The focus of their ministry is sharing the Gospel through friendships, discipleship, Sunday school, and teaching others how to study and teach the Scriptures. One of the most surprising things that has happened since coming to Manchester is starting an Eritrean ministry for people that have emigrated to the UK to escape the religious persecution that they experienced in Northern Africa.


Rick & Robin Shields, Mexico

Rick was saved while serving in the Navy. Robyn grew up in Mexico where her parents were missionaries. They met while students at Clearwater Christian College. Rick was overwhelmed with the need for a Gospel witness in Mexico. After graduation, they left for Mexico supported by only a few churches, our church being one of them. Their four children grew up in Mexico and are all married now. Today all of them are missionaries in Mexico.

The Shields have established a Bible Institute, a Christian school, a camp, and many local churches. Each time they venture into a new village with the Gospel, they build a “shack church,” a small building on a slab with very little extras. As the congregation grows, they build a more functional building.

Pray for them as they enter their summer camp season as well as hold many Vacation Bible Schools.


In addition to these Gospel Partners, Keystone Bible Church also supports two other families in parts of the world that are not friendly to the message of Christ.  In order to be responsible with our partnership and not compromise their safety, we choose not to list them publicly on our website.


Church Planting:


Bo and Lacy Bowman

Bo and Lacy Bowman

In the Fall of 2013 Keystone Bible Church committed to a church revitalization project to re-plant a local church in Holiday, Florida.  After two years of investment of time, people, and resources, Holiday Bible Church voted at the end of 2015 to officially call their first pastor, Bo Bowman, and adopt a new constitution.  We are thrilled to have been used by God to glorify Himself through the establishment of a healthy church in Holiday.