Michael Acosta

Worship Experiences Director

Michael Acosta came to Keystone in August of 2018 as an intern with a focus in worship ministry.  He joined the staff in February of 2019 as the Worship Leader. Prior to his ministry at KBC, Michael served with Life Action ministries for four years where he served in a variety of roles including electric guitarist, audio technician, and worship leader. He has a B.A. in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University (there’s a story there!), and has completed his M.A. in Worship Leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He enjoys using his creative passions in photography and videography as well as music. On an off day, you’ll most likely find him at a local coffee shop or enjoying some time outdoors with his wife Emma and their daughter. Michael is so thankful for the Lord’s gracious direction in bringing him to Keystone and is looking forward with great expectancy for how the Lord is going to further His gospel through Keystone to the surrounding community and beyond.

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