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Discussion Guide: Revelation 21:5-8

Glorification Then and Now



When I’m glorified:

  1. My redemption will be complete.
  2. My body will be resurrected.
  3. My sinful flesh will be no more.
  4. My whole being will be made holy.
  5. My life will reflect the glory of Christ.

Because I know I will be glorified:

  1. I have hope.
  2. I have motivation.
  3. I have joy.
  4. I have endurance.


  1. What did God speak to you about from His Word today?
  2. How did thinking about the “heavenly things” of Revelation 21 better prepare you for earthbound living this week?
  3. What aspects of future glorification make you homesick for heaven?
  4. How does understanding that God plans to use your redemption to put His glory on display, help you in your current life circumstances?
  5. How does God’s promise to complete your glorification in Philippians 1:6 give you hope, motivation, joy, and endurance?
  6. What do you think about John’s statement, “I won’t suffer well for Christ in this lifetime, until I first learn to hope for glorification in Christ in the next!” 
  7. What suffering (big or small) are you dealing with now that God intends to use to display His glory as He moves you closer to your own future glorification?
  8. As you think through all of the implications of your future glorification, what do you believe that God wants you to do about it right now?

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