Welcome! Feel free take a few minutes to browse our website and acquaint yourself with life at Keystone. We would love for you to join us on a Sunday morning as we worship Jesus Christ together. Should you choose to join us, here’s what you’ll find:

  • A Diverse Group of People – At Keystone, there are people from many different countries, backgrounds, careers, and walks of life. It is our mutual love for God and His Son Jesus Christ that unites us together.
  • A Friendly, Casual Atmosphere – You will find a group of people genuinely interested in getting to know you and showing the love of Christ to you through their lives. We seek to cultivate relationships in our Café’ Keystone time as well as before and after our services.
  • A Scripturally-Driven Worship Service – In addition to hearing the Bible preached in a careful, yet understandable way, it is our desire to infuse every part of our service with God’s Word. In other words, we sing God’s Word, pray God’s Word, read God’s Word, and encourage one another with God’s Word.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your Sunday morning schedule?  Keystone Bible Church gathers for our worship service in two locations (Odessa and Wesley Chapel) at 9:30am.  It typically lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes. After the worship service concludes in Odessa, we enjoy 15-20 minutes of coffee fellowship (aka: Keystone Cafe’). Keystone Classes begin at 11:15 am.  A variety of topics and studies are offered to help disciples of Christ grow in their knowledge of God and His Word . While the adults are in the Keystone Classes, our Keystone Kids and Keystone Students meet for their age-appropriate classes.
  • What should I wear on Sunday morning?  Please feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable with and we promise you will not stick out.
  • What is the preaching like?  Our pastors are committed to a philosophy of preaching known as expository preaching. This approach seeks to expose our church to the truths of Scripture, rather than sharing man’s opinions and justifying them with an assortment of unrelated Bible verses.  The preaching includes both the explanation of what the Bible says and the encouragement to live obediently as a result.  If you would like someone to pray with you or if you would like counsel, please do not hesitate to approach one of the pastors with your spiritual need. They would love to help in any way possible.  Click Here to listen to recordings of recent sermons preached at Keystone.
  • Do you have a nursery?  We do have a well-staffed nursery available during our Sunday Worship service and our Keystone Classes.  Nursery is also available during our regular midweek gatherings.
  • What is your music like?  We are committed to worshipping with doctrinally rich songs focused on exalting our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Our instrumentation includes a few lead vocalists, violin, guitars and keyboard.  To learn more please refer to our Worship Music Philosophy.  
  • What happens at the midweek gatherings?  Wednesday nights (in Odessa) and Tuesday nights (in Wesley Chapel) are used for a variety of purposes. Routinely, there are Keystone Classes that meet at 6:30pm for an in-depth study of God’s Word.  Keystone Students and a kid’s program called Awana also takes place from 6:30-8pm.