The Keystone Bible Church that you see today began in 2006, when the Lord directed a small group of people to re-plant Keystone under the leadership of Andrew Haney.  On January 21, 2007 the church officially had its grand opening. As each season has passed, the Lord keeps bringing more people who have understood and embraced the philosophy of the church.  At each point, it has been amazing to see God provide and bless for His glory.
In late 2010, the church began to outgrow the building on Tarpon Springs Road and as the church prayed about what step to take next, the Lord directed to move the Sunday worship service to a gymnasium facility on Gunn Highway. Keeping the church together for worship has been a key part in allowing KBC to remain healthy.

We are excited about the future as we are currently planning to construct a new building on land that we own just north of Van Dyke on Gun Highway.  Lord willing, we will soon be able to have all of our ministries take place at that location.