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Live in Groups


We strongly believe that part of being a healthy church member is demonstrating a commitment to live life with each other in small groups. Life Groups help us invest in deeper relationships with one another as we fellowship around the Word. It’s a vital part of life in the body at Keystone and we don’t want you to miss out!

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is made up of 10–16 people who gather every other Sunday night to discuss that Sunday’s sermon, pray, and minister to one another. Each group has a trained leader and host and includes light refreshments. Most meetings last 90 minutes.

When/where do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups meet from 6:00-7:30 every other Sunday night in homes throughout the region. Once you sign up, we will assign you to a specific host home.

How important are Life Groups?

Life Groups are high-priority at Keystone Bible Church. In Life Groups, some of the most impactful ministry takes place as group members discuss God’s Word while supporting and sharing life with one another. We believe that meeting together in a Life Group on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your own spiritual health and the good of the church.

What will we do and study?

Life Groups are not Bible Studies, but rather small gatherings of Christians who seek to hold each other accountable to applying God’s Word to their individual lives. We divide each session into three parts: 30 minutes of fellowship/food, 30 minutes of discussion (a sermon discussion guide is provided for that Sunday’s AM message), and 30 minutes of prayer.


The pastors of Keystone purpose to give meaningful care to our members and regular attenders by dividing up our flock into smaller, manageable groups. Each shepherding group is assigned one of the pastors and it is our hope that each person and family knows they have 24/7 direct access to one of the pastors at all times. It is also our hope that the Shepherding Groups enable each pastor to be more focused on and connected with a few individuals rather than trying to do that well with all attendees within our congregation.


Community Groups are church-wide picnics that occur several times throughout the year on Sunday afternoons. The purpose of Community Groups is to grow our love for one another in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.  These picnics typically take place at a local park, a church member’s home, or on our own campus property.